bild-2001-06-selbstportrait-vor-triptychon-hengststudie-ii-unvollendetMy name is Daisuke Schneider. My mother is Japanese, my father German. I was born in Southern Germany at 20th of Sept. 1976. After High school and study I have married Nadine, a student. Now we are a nice family with two daughters and one son. There is almost no time for horse photography and riding any more. Better to use this for our children, my wife and painting / for my sculptures.



Please do not expect to own one for a low budget, except “STUDY OF A HORSE I & II”, VI/2010. Then you should better shop at Ebay 😉
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The triptych shown here with me at work is made with red chalk, title “STUDY OF STALLIONS II”, measures 200 cm x 500 cm, VI/2001, incompleted and unfortunately lost and/or destroyed in the States today. The paintings shown here include most of my paintings that can still be purchased. In my paintings I have captured my dreams at the point of death.

In the night to 23rd of October 2002 I have had an apoplectic insult. I was two weeks in coma and really very close to death. The question was to make organ donation. The day I woke up, I was not able to move anything except my head, not able to say anything or see sharp. I was 23 years old, no drugs, no cigarettes, not much stressed, no alcohol, not have a hereditary handicap, no high age or whatever. The doctors does not know the reason until today. It happened from one day to the next, today completely healthy and happy in family and job, tomorrow almost dead.
After years of hard work (physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy) I was able to stay, walk, come out of the wheel chair, finally drive and work as graphic designer again.
I have not painted until 2009, only some collages in 2004 were done. I made one red chalk drawing in 2003, but the result was not satisfied to my. So I stopped, not known, if I will paint once again in my life.
After seven years of silence by almost complete paralysis I am able to paint again, hard training to the left hand included. These surrealist inspirations are seen in subjects such as ocean, rock islands, clouds, gold and gravity elements, combined with my love for horses. 1997 those elements occasionally appeared in my paintings, which are now sold to Italy and the States.

In 2009 the new René Magritte museum in Brussels / Belgium was opened. My aunt lives there. We have visited her and of course went to the museum. The paintings of him have impressed me and have encouraged me start painting again.
Although they are difficult to transport and need a lot of package material many art collectors – not only horse lovers – wanted to own one original of my work. Some from Italy expected an increase of the value. If I had died in 2002 they would have been lucky in that point… The paintings are impressive and comparable with the contrast cinema- and TV picture. The paintings are unique and a lot have been sold to Germany, Italy and to the States.

For my painted or drawn fine arts I use oil, powder of pure pigments or/and pastel chalks on canvas GP125 or portrait all pure linen at my newer paintings (except “STUDY OF A HORSE I & II”, VI/2010). My first one was drawn with pastel in the size of 150 cm high. I was 11, no money, but a lot old wallpapers that I used on the back. They were mostly cubistic. They had to be XXL already in that time. I had cycles of favorite painters like Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Gustav Klimt, Salvador Dalí and Claude Monet. The horses are often painted in life size. These are phantasy horses of the baroque type, Arabian horses or antique war-horses to show dynamic, elegance and power. My oil paintings are surrealistic, painted in months of work usually with many layers of thin oil layers and sometimes with 24 K pure gold. I like them to glow with deepness like in nature, not like a print or photo.

Today I enjoy it to built musical art sculptures of melting silver, bronze, gold or copper on a black granite cube , mostly of string instruments, oboes or different brass instruments. Especially the surrealistic melting wood are fascinating, inspired of my family, learning top play the cello, the violin, the oboe and the harp.

Let`s see, offers for a public presentation are welcome!